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Services offered at the Wellness Center

Montgomery Chiropractic and Wellness Center offers a full spectrum of "state of the art" services to diagnose health problems, treat pain and illness, and prescribe preventative measures.

Utilizing the latest technologies, Montgomery Chiropractic and Wellness Center provides patients with gentle and effective solutions to health problems.

The Pro Adjuster represents the most important advance in health technology. Utilizing "state of the art" software and computer systems combined with a precision electro-mechanical adjustment tool, misaligned bones and vertebra are gently vibrated into proper alignment.
The detailed graphs and computer readouts display the "before" and "after" condition of problem areas. Now the doctor and the patient can precisely measure and monitor problems and healing.
Foot and Arch Profiling by Foot Levelers
Your posture as it translates to your back and hip alignment is greatly influenced by how you place weight on your feet. Arch problems, heel spurs, bunions, knee problems and other ailments can be treated with custom orthotics shoe inserts or shoes and sandals. The Foot Levelers FAS SCAN is "state of the art" foot and arch scanning device that accurately scans your feet and generates 3 Dimensional profile of the optimum orthotics for your condition.
Blood Testing
To facilitate wellness programs such as diet and nutrition, Blood Testing provides important information regarding the health of the body. A complete blood panel measures a wide range of conditions from cholesterol levels to blood cell counts.
Preventative health measures can be prescribed to correct conditions before they become problems.
Metagenics Health Screening - You must register first to visit this link
The computerized HAQ questionnaire is a free internet service from Metagenics when you register with Montgomery Chiropractic and Wellness Center. By completing the multiple choice questions, customized software analyzes your responses and compares them to a vast data base of case studies. The report provides accurate charts and analysis of your health profile and prescribes a a personal wellness improvement plan.          Free Questionaire Here
BioElectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)
By measuring the conductivity and impedance of your body, an accurate assessment of your body fat, muscle mass, body water content and other indicators can be obtained. The simple test involves placing electro-sensing pads on your foot and hand. The report provides simple to read graphs, analysis and recommendations. It is an excellent measure of basic body balances and a great way to monitor diet and exercise programs.
The full range TINGLE X-Ray Equipment provides the doctor with the ability to x-ray all parts of the body from the smallest extremity to the entire spine. The equipment features precision controls to insure the lowest x-ray exposure and the highest quality x-ray films.
Ultrasound Therapy
This gentle technique provides for soft tissue recovery.
The soothing and penetrating high frequency sound waves reduces swelling and promotes healing of soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments and tendons.
Inferential Therapy
This stimulating technique aids in muscle tension and pain treatment.
Four electro-stimulation pads are strategically placed around the problem area and gentle electrical impulses are delivered to muscles. The electric stimulations cause muscle to relax and contract involuntarily. As a result, muscle tension, knots and spasms are interrupted and eliminated.
Massage Therapy
This relaxing therapy provides soothing soft tissue treatment.
By massaging tight muscles and stimulating blood flow to soft tissues, massage aids the healing process and facilitates other treatments.
Thompson Drop Table: Manual Adjustments
The sectional, pneumatically activated Thompson Drop Table permits the doctor to make manual adjustments of the spine in a gentle, low impact manner. Each section of the table drops gently to compliment the force that the doctor applies during the adjustment. The Thompson Drop Table represents a unique chiropractic technique that maximizes the comfort of the patient during manual adjustments.
Cranial and Extremity Adjustments
Adjustments of the head and jaw as well as the hands, feet, arms and legs are also important to treating localized problems. Head aches, TMJ, joint pain and other related problems frequently require specialized treatments. The doctor has over 20 years of experience in Cranial and Extremity Treatments, and enrolls in yearly training programs to provide patients the latest procedures.

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