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Products offered at the Wellness Center
Metagenics Vitamins and Supplements
Metagenics is a leader in diet and nutritional vitamins and supplements. Using the latest research and technology as well as the highest quality ingredients and processes, Metagenics formulates proven products to improve health and wellness.
Metagenics produces a vast range of products for different life styles, ages, health problems and conditions. Whether you are a serious athlete or a mother expecting another child, Metagenics has solutions to improve your health and vitality.
The Metagenics questionnaire is an excellent way to learn more about your health and how to optimize your wellness.
Free Questionaire Here
Foot Levelers
Foot Levelers is the premiere supplier of a variety of orthotics ranging from shoe inserts to a full line of custom shoes. Improper foot support can lead to fallen arches, bunions and other problems that can affect hip and knee joints as well as the alignment of the spine.
TENS and MENS Units
The portable instruments provide for electrical stimulation of muscles to relieve spasms, breakup knots and aid in healing. Soft, pliable electrodes are attached to the skin in the vicinity of the muscle ache. Adjustable intensity and frequency settings permit the use to select the most effective electrical stimulation.

A wide variety of massagers are available for home use.

They range from heavy duty back and shoulder massagers to small extremity units. All massagers provide a full range of settings.
Cervical Pillows
Proper head and neck support while sleeping is important to cervical alignment and ones health. A large selection of cervical pillows is sold at the center.
Developed by Interactive Health, the HTT-10CRP Robotic Massage Chair represents the latest in massage technology. The computer controlled motors and assemblies simulate deep tissue massage while you relax on the reclining chair.

The handheld control unit is easy to read and program. The user can select angle of recline and leg support, location and type of massage, intensity and duration as well as pre-programmed full body massages.

Pamper yourself to a full body massage in the comfort of your home.

Lumbar Supports, Leg Spacers and Foam Rolls
When recovering from back injuries or related ailments, proper support while sitting or lying down enhances healing while providing comfort. Many different shapes and types of supports and spacers are available to use at home or while driving.
Books, Candles, Miscellaneous
The center also offers books, candles and other products to provide you comfort and wellness.

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