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What Patients Are Saying
“My treatments with Dr. Rebecca and the Pro-Adjuster have achieved results that I could not get from my regular chiropractor. My chronic sinus condition has been greatly improved.”
Eric;   Batavia, Ohio
“10 years ago, I had a bicycle accident that caused temporary paralysis of my arms. It left me with chronic neck and shoulder pain. But ever since I started getting adjustments from Dr. Kloczkowski with her Pro-Adjuster, my pain has disappeared and my neck grinding sounds have stopped. Her treatments are great!”
Robert;   Cincinnati, Ohio
“As a massage therapist and having visited many chiropractors, I can truly say that I have experienced the best results from the Pro-Adjuster. Dr. K used a precision Pro-Adjuster technique that transformed my head, neck, jaw and teeth alignment.   I am referring my clients to Dr. K.”
Denise;   Cincinnati, Ohio
“I was skeptical of the Pro-Adjuster at first, but I am amazed how it made me feel after only 2 treatments. I also purchased a cervical pillow and now sleep like a baby.”
Jim;   Fairfield, Ohio
“Dr. Rebecca has helped my husband and I improve our health immensely. She had us take the Metagenics HAQ questionnaire, tested our blood, prescribed vitamins and supplements, and treated us with the Pro-Adjuster. We feel better and have more energy! Thank you, Dr. Rebecca.”
Mary;   Indian Hill, Ohio
“When I came to Montgomery Chiropractic, I suffered from neck and hip problems. X-rays showed poor cervical and hip alignments. The doctor prescribed a regimen of adjustments and Foot Levelers Orthotics. Today, my x-rays are normal and my pain is gone.”
Pam;   Cincinnati, Ohio
“My daughter’s allergy problem was worsening, when I was referred to Dr. Rebecca. Her thorough, comprehensive allergy testing and subsequent diet recommendations eliminated my daughter’s condition. My other daughter was also treated with similar results. I recommend Dr. Rebecca to anyone that is looking for effective holistic allergy treatment without drugs.”
Chris;   Westchester, Ohio
“My sciatica problem has bothered me for years. Doctors have prescribed painkillers and suggested surgery. Dr. K using the Pro-Adjuster has greatly improved my leg and tailbone pain.”
Kelly;   Milford, Ohio
“Having been in practice for over 28 years, it is my opinion that the Pro-Adjuster determines the degree of fixation better than any other technique, and provides the most effective treatment.”
Dr. Fox;   Twin Falls, ID
“The Pro-Adjuster represents latest technology in Chiropractic. It is an instrument that precisely measures and treats vertrabrae fixation and misalignment. My patients are a excellent testimonial to the effectiveness of the Pro-Adjuster.”
Dr. Howe;   Crystal lake, Illinois

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